Friday, January 13, 2012

Zero Waste Fashion Stop Video

Well, I have been completely inundated with production work over the past few weeks and I have little boys' tie parts all over my sewing room.  I must admit that I love the repetitive process of production work because I don't have to think about it - muscle memory kicks in and I am left to think while still being productive.

Sometimes while I am doing this I will put a movie or watch informative videos in the background.  I have been very interested lately in zero waste patterning.  I, personally, throw very little away.  When I make things, any pieces an inch or larger get used or go into a scrap bin to be used later and it is amazing how little fabric I actually buy.  I also have bins of scrap fabric from clothing that was ripped or worn out and could not otherwise be donated.  I have 2 bins just for jeans and denim.

Today, I pulled up this video*: 

*Folks, please don't repeat any of the fashions you have just seen on an adult.
Now, I have to admit, I was more impressed with this person's stop video ability that their fashion designing abilities but nonetheless, it got me thinking.  I know that about half of my 1st draft designs don't come out - okay, they are probably fine, I am just a perfectionist.  These duds always end up in a pile of "Now what do I do with THIS" stuff and I never get back to it.  Many times, despite all of my recycling efforts, yes, I will throw them out.  Now being a big girl, I end up with garments much like this video - much bigger than most of my friends (or in the video's case, the dress form).   I am resolving to do more deconstruction when I have these offhand designs - I am sure my friends would be happy to have a custom made garment and I will be much happier to not waste the fabric.

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