Friday, December 16, 2011

Busy and Productive Day

I came across this great idea on the Internet.  I don't remember where I saw it and wish that I could link back to her post.  (I swear there should be a 'Lost and Found' for bookmarks because I could SWEAR I bookmarked it for this reason!!)  Anyway, ever since I saw the post I have been wanting to make these.

 Beading (short of putting beads on a string) is really a bit out of my element but since I can't find them on Etsy (I do remember the woman had the one she made on Etsy for about 5 seconds before it sold) I figured I would make them.  For me, it is more fun that way but I am always for supporting the Handmade community.  The pictures, as usual, are lacking and don't do how pretty they are justice - particularly the ones in the dark.  I DO hope that I will find the woman's info so that I can contact her to see if she minds me selling her idea in my Etsy Store.  These I made for gifts.

After finishing those, I finished up a long overdue project (of which I have far too many!).  These while very cute, a lovely yarn, my favorite sized yarn to work with, an unconfusing cable, and a small project, failed at keeping my interest and I have several times picked it up and put it back down for more interesting things.  I am unsure what the struggle was but even in the final hour, it took all I had to not put them back in my UF Project bag for another day.  These were the February Bonus Pattern from the Knitting 2011 Calendar - how spectacularly sad that a 3 hour should take 10 months!!

Owl Booties by I. Halvorsen
Unknown hand-painted lace-weight yarn (leftovers) (I have used this for SO MANY projects and have lost the wrapper :(  )
Crystal Palace US 1.5 bamboo needles

I used to keep track of every project I did in a binder with the pattern and all the info but when I started doing this as a business and doing a lot of repetitive work, I sort of lost that practice along the way.  It makes me sad because I really value the ability to go back and have the notes from when I made an item before.  I also enjoy looking back at my first binder (from 2006-2008) and seeing how much my knitting has improved.  Perhaps I should add that to my goals for next year.

OH!  And, I almost forgot!!!!!  In case you didn't know, I have another blog here that, believe it or not, is even MORE neglected than this one is!  While writing Neurotic Needles, I try very hard to keep the topic to knitting, sewing and craft related stuff (and the occasional cat story!).  I found over the past year that I HAD things to say, but they didn't always fall into that scheme of subjects.  That said, I will be maintaining my Waste Not blog with not just my "Reduce, ReUse, Recycle" spiel but I am added "Rejoice" to the 3 R's.  It will still cover all the eco-babble but it will also contain anything else that I want to share but don't feel is subject appropriate for this site.  SO, go check me out!!

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