Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Square Storage Tin

My Square device came in a foam mailer and it got me thinking that having a storage container might be a a good idea. Now I wish I could say that this was an original idea, but I have to admit that Bethany over at 42nd & Orange had the idea before I did. She actually was the one to answer all of my questions solidifying my decision to get one. SO I looked into what I had around and this is what I used:

Using an old mint tin, I placed it bottom down centered over the Square cut out and traced it with chalk. I then cut the foam on the inside of the line (remember that we traced the outside of the tin so we need to cut it just a bit smaller to account for the thickness of the box).
I then took one of the side pieces and sliced it in half through its thickness. I did this to make the foam sit higher in the tin. I didn't want the Square to have enough room to work its way out and
rattle around in the tin.

Lay this thin piece in, then the cut piece, then the Square and you are done!

WAIT! I did do one more step. The mailer came with a sticker to announce that I take credit cards. The sticker was too big with the Square logo on it. I thought about just cutting it off but wasn't sure if there was a reason to keep it (think of the ATM logos) so I opted to print a copy of it and cut just what I needed for now and used packing tape to attach it.
I set it upside-down if you are looking at the opening end so that when I am at a show I can place the open tin and the "label" will "sit up" on the table.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I now take credit cards!

For the past several years while doing craft shows, my biggest sales breaker was the inability to take credit cards. I know that I am not alone on this. It is because of this that shows that have a central check out will charge a larger show fee ( and usually also a percentage) for the "convenience" of being able to take credit cards. There WAS a time that, technology being what it was, this was a feasable way to justify paying the extra fees. These days, things are different. It has all been changed for me with this little Square.

This fabulous little device has no annual fee, is pay as you use it and plugs into my Xoom (it can plug into any 'smart' device including iPhones and Droids). The per use percentage is in the same range with PayPal, varying slightly with how you run the card (swipe or manual). It DOES require an internet connection to run the cards, however, most people already have that capability. this is doubly exciting for me as I start to do larger custom jobs, my clients now have a way to use credit and with the economy the way it is, who isn't using that to their advantage?

P.S. - NO, I don't have any affiliation, I am just super excited to find relief to a nagging issue.