Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stockings and Stuffers

Well, lack of communication is in no way a lack of production. I have been busy, busy making and doing. Mostly sale items but also a few gifts (which there will, for obvious reasons, not be any pics of here).

I have a few new, small things up on my Etsy site. I have mini Christmas stockings (coming out of my ears!!! They are like Gremlins - you look at them and they multiply!!) These were created with reclaimed yarn - a fabulous but too small sweater was washed, unraveled and reknit to make the green "body" and a random and unlikely yarn was found in my stash (no idea how it got there - this is not a yarn I would buy with no purpose!!) for the "cuff". I was VERY happy with the way these came out - so much so, I anticipate having an annual stocking. If you are a collector of things - get one quick! This could be the next Starbucks Bear!!!!!

The next item, I am still working on. I just HAD to have the material! I have ALWAYS LOVED the Cheshire Cat and with the Johnny Depp "Alice in Wonderland" coming out March 2010, I think these will go over well. I will be making them in other colors and patterns and hopfully working out the little kinks that probably (hopefully), only I will see. Since I hate carrying a purse, I have been trying to come up with this item for a while - the sizing for instance, is still not quite right in my opinion but is definitely workable.

There is also a new member of the household. I don't know if Cisco will be staying or not. Franz is not a fan. Hanz, however, is fine with her and she is VERY lovey with me. She is a feral from the Momma Kat outside that I can't seem to catch. She is very attached to her older brother Squeaker (Momma Kat's first litter). While she will eat anything she is given (even when her belly is already full and protruding), but she prefers to eat with him outside and out of the same bowl. He has warmed up to me a lot since he has seen his sister with me. He will let me pet him if I am holding the food bag (and only when I am holding the bag) and he now comes every morning and night to Squeak for his food. He is old enough to meow but doesn't - thus the name. Once she gets just a bit older, I will bring her and Squeaker into Feral Cat Rescue to get them fixed and see if they can't adopt them out together. I have done enough work with her for her to be adopted out. I think he definitely has potential too. Since Squeaker doesn't yet come to me without food in hand, I hesitate to bring in Cisco. I believe bringing them together would be better and since she is too young to fix yet, I will wait the extra month. I really wish that I could trap Momma Kat but she is very cautious - even of the other cats - to the point that she will howl at my back window and then run to let me know she is there and wants food. She won't eat if there are any other cats around. Meanwhile, I will love and feed her "kids" and hope that I can find them a good home.

By the way, if you don't know what a Gremlin is, it is past your bedtime and you are too young to be on the Internet unsupervised!!

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