Tuesday, October 6, 2009


After an extended hiatus I am finally back in the saddle and getting work done again. I don't know what I missed most, getting product made or connecting with all of my online friends!

Well, I am back and with a vengeance and knitting and sewing up a storm and can't wait to show you what I am up to!! Unfortunately during the break, my camera decided to not cooperate with me any more (I am sure it had nothing to do with the numerous times I dropped it!!) and so I have a bit of an impediment in this department. I do expect this to be remedied soon so bare with me.

Also, my Etsy store is open again. Have you started Christmas shopping yet?? (Please no hate mail for this reminder!!) I will have new items up EVERYDAY for the new month or so so keep an eye out. You can see the most recent 4 to the right. To help get your shopping started, for the month of October, my prices are lowered and there is NO shipping.

Off to work - I can't wait to show you more!!


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