Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An odd request to my readers...

OK, so as you probably already know by now, I reuse EVERYTHING. I don't throw anything away. I prefer to create from trash than from store bought materials. I have a project that I don't have the materials for. I think that used would be BETTER than new for this project and I would BET that you all have whet I need. I want the project to be a surprise but if you provide some materials for me, I will make you the project in return - how does that sound?

What I am looking for is old solid colored (or white) cotton or flannel sheets. Holes are fine. Threadbare is fine. Any part of the set is fine (meaning I don't need the set - any piece of the set works and you can get rid of any unmatched pieces too!). Now, I can use a pattern, but it will limit my creativity a bit and the item you get back may be a bit plain - albeit, still very usable.

Now yes, I have sheets with holes (thanks to "The Boys"), but they are still too comfortable to get rid of yet and I can't afford to replace them anyway. Corinne - I am sure you have figured this project out - NO GIVING HINTS in the comments section! Don't forget I have to approve those!

The only hints I am giving are: Obviously it is a recycling project, it is a "green" gift (meaning it will help reduce waste), it is a personal item, and, while I didn't think of it and they are widely known, they are very hard to find. How is THAT for a reason to clean out your linen closet?! OH! Speaking of which, I will take linen too - but let's face it, how many of us even OWN anything linen anymore?!

Leave me a comment or send me an email.

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Corinne said...

Okay, I am going home to check soon and if I don't have any then I'm off to the thrift store. Love it!
P.S.: I am posting this on Craftyloca and linking to your blog tomorrow.