Sunday, January 11, 2009

A no picture post

One of my goals this year, like last, is to blog more. Today I pondered why it is that I don't post more often. It isn't that I don't have anything to say - GOD KNOWS! It isn't that I am not knitting. I came to the realization that it is because I don't have good pictures.

Take today for example. I have a beanie to show you, made from the Double Soled Sock leftovers. It is very cute (if I do say so). Here's the problem. The cats don't have the right shaped heads. I can take great pictures of them but the best way to run my readers off is to show you pictures of me. And, if I wasn't hideous enough for you, a picture of the reason I never wear beanies would be. My head was not meant to wear them.

Now my favorite blog, Knit and Tonic, is a GREAT example of what a blog should be. It is entertaining, sometimes informative - but not so much that it is boring and it has pictures - LOTS of them. I don't know who is cuter - her or her daughter. I would "read" her blog, even if she wasn't funny, just for the pictures. It is just not fair. You should either be cute OR talented, not both.

SO, if you want pictures of the latest FO, send me Wendy Bernard.
Grr, Argh.

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Corinne said...

That is so true. Wendy over at Knit and Tonic does fantastic photos. It also helps when your HWWV is a professional photographer!!! Your pictures are great, but I know what you mean. I am never happy with my photos....dark, blurry....