Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Goal Setting

January. It is the month best known for being the month of goal setting. The month when people strive for something better for the rest of the year. For me, this has been the month when my house was at its cleanest - I had witnesses. It is now exactly 4 weeks later and there are no signs of that house. The place is a sty, projects everywhere and no end in sight. I'd like to take a second to say "thank you" to my sweet friend Francine for bequeathing me a right huge pile of clothes that she has grown too thin for (congratulations, by the way). Not only does she have much better taste in clothes than I do, but it has allowed me to not do laundry for several weeks. What started as well sorted laundry piles now look like the leaf piles after Calvin and Hobbs crashed through them - complete with NEW cat hair from the unmentioned culprits. I have managed to get out of emptying the dishwasher (which is clean by the way) by eating salad all week and just washing the same bowl and fork over and over.

All this said, in light of it being the last official day of the goal setting month, I have set a goal for myself - the only one, as I am already not living up the the standards I set last year. My goal for this year is to see how many reasons I can come up with to NOT clean up the mess. This I will list on my sidebar (once I figure out how to do it) and add to all year. Feel free to use my reasons as needed - as significant others nag, when you want to finish one more __________(fill in with "row" or "project" or "jelly donut" - whatever fits). This is my public service to YOU, my readers.

So without further ado... The beginning of the list....
1. I can find things better this way.
2. The cats enjoy the always changing obstacle course I have "set up for THEM" around the house.
3. The cat hair settles faster than the vacuum picks it up so why bother?
4. If I can't see the carpet, I can't wear paths where I walk. (Always important to protect against in apartments!)
5. Cat hair is warmer than a down comforter and it IS Winter.
6. Getting to the door around the piles can be considered "exercise". Hey, don't laugh, you haven't seen the piles.
7. Not wanting to "exercise" can help me get more projects done!
8. Since I work out of my home, I can feasibly say that any time I am cleaning, I am taking time away from making money.
9. The more projects I have stacked between me and the fridge, the less likely I am going to go for that pint of Ben and Jerry's. Mmmmmmm, Cherries Garciaaaaaaaa
10. When solicitors come to the door, I just open the door wide and say, "No thank you" - they usually just stand there, mouth agape, while I shut the door.

Well, a good start to my goal I think. Now... off to find the Ben and Jerry's.

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