Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good Start...

... to a new year.
Since I do tend to start a lot of projects at once, it does happen *occasionally* that I have a project that just sits. Maybe it is something for myself that I never find the time to finish, maybe it is something that I have lost interest in for one reason or another. I am not normally one for frogging because I don't like it - SOMEONE will like it.

Was one of those. For the life of me, I don't even know why I bought the yarn - these are really not my colors - except that I wanted to try it out.

The Pattern: Kluster (from the free patterns on the Berroco web page)

The yarn: Pattons SWS in Natural Pink (from Michael's) on the outside - 70% wool, 30% soy

and Bernat Bamboo Natural Blends in Wicker(given to me by my friend Anne) for the inside strip. - 89% Bamboo, 11% Acrylic

I knew, even looking at the pattern that I wouldn't keep it for myself, but I just liked it so I used it as an opportunity to try out the yarn. I believe I crocheted and felted the outside in August. I finished the project on New Years Eve (I am such a partier!!) This is up for the taking if any of my readers would like it.

The next project was a long over due one for "The Man". He has been a huge help to me over the past year and the only request in return has been slipper socks. (However, I will say that these are not the first pair I made for him, just the first pair he didn't complain about.)

The pattern: Two-Yarn Resoleable Socks from the Interweave Favorite Socks Book. If you don't have this book - in my opinion, it is the best sock book out there. Clear, concise, patterns and each one teaches a different technique (I am not sure if this was intentional on their part or not.) and notably, has the 1 x 1 rib cast on that I swear by in it.

The yarn: Del Cerro by Aslan Trends from The Black Sheep in Encinitas - 100% Merino Wool (yes, he will wash these properly) I saw this stuff on sale just before Christmas and HAD to use it

Now, one of the things I have always given him credit for is that he actually took an interest in my knitting - be it because it earned him points or because he knew that it was cheaper that therapy, the poor man knows WAY more than any non-knitting man should about the subject. While that usually worked in MY favor, in this particular case, it didn't. As usual, I started the project half confident of what size I was making him (he wears a size 10 shoe and they are way too wide for me). I finished one and had started the 2nd when he came by to try it on. First of all, he wears his shoes too big (those are MY feet in the picture!!) - I had to frog it all. Before he left he asked, "they aren't double soled?" - No. "Well, can they be?" (insert big pouty face here). SO, once I got the size taken care of, I had to figure out a way to double sole these. I didn't intentionally buy enough yarn to do this (of course I guesses on this too since I didn't have the book with me) so I had to knit both socks before I added the additional soles to make sure I had enough yarn. Let me finish by saying, I may be a pain in the ass, but so is he - I made it work, he hasn't complained (yet) and I am never making these socks again (with or without the double soles). I am currently knitting a beanie out of the left over yarn.

My last finished project is a pattern I bought on Etsy.

The pattern: Small Satchel by KeykaLou this was just WAY TOO CUTE to not make!! If you sew, go check her site out!

The fabric: NO IDEA! The outside appears to be a polyester gabardine, the inside, a polyester crepe. These are guesses as the fabric is something I "accumulated" at some point. It was either bequeathed to me or donated to me from someone - my apologies if it was you and I don't remember!!

The approximate size of this purse is 11"across x 6" deep x 2 1/2" wide - big enough to hold the average wallet, lipstick and keys but not much else. I have also blown the pattern up so that I can make a larger version of it for those of us that carry half our apartments in our bags.

All in all, I feel this a good start to the new year. I am continuing my endeavor to use up my stash(s) , upcycling and reclaiming as much of my materials as possible - something I challenge you all to do!!

By the way... my blog just turned 2!!

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