Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The things kids keep from their parents.....

I have a pellet in my butt cheek.

It was middle school, circa - ok, never mind when, - EVERYONE had BB guns and pellet guns that they got for Christmas. Everyone except me. Now, THAT didn't bother me so much, I got a stereo just like I had wanted but was too afraid to ask for - Santa just knew. What bothered me was that my mother told me I couldn't play with or around them at all - meaning I would have to play by myself because the whole neighborhood was "hunting each other". I am sure that I am not the only one to have gone through this - my mom wanted me to be safe and knew that no matter how careful you are, kids have accidents.

The pellet in the butt was not an accident. Against my mother's discretion, I was running around with everyone else - I figured that I was behaving because I didn't actually touch any of the guns. My friend came up behind be, put the gun to my hip/butt cheek and said "Hands Up, Too Late" and shot. No one expected blood, they were bouncing off everything else - of course they weren't holding the gun up against everything else.

Now, when your mother tells you explicitly not to do something, you do and it all goes wrong, you do everything in your power to NOT tell. Well, I didn't. That was 15 years ago and I still haven't. It healed, the scar is gone but the lump is still there. But, even after all of that, I wouldn't trade the fun of that day. I think my friend got the worst of it after being bombarded with pinecones.

With Christmas approaching, I can't help but think of those days and how much fun we had... if only we could have that kind of fun without the injuries.

WAIT! WE CAN! Introducing the Mini Marshmallow Shooter!!

Made with lightweight PVC, this shooter fits mini marshmallows only. Even if you were able to fit something else in there, chances are, you wouldn't have the air pressure to get any distance (I tried). This said, the marshmallows go 15 to 20 feet on the average puff of air. Since the marshmallow loading hole and the blowing hole are different, there is no chance of inhaling the marshmallow by accident.

This shooter also has extra ammo storage in the handles - just twist the handle off. These can be used individually or

insert the handle into the loading hold and you have AUTO FIRE! All of the marshmallows come out at once.

Voila - BB Gun for Christmas without the trip to the hospital (or lying to your mother)!

Now originally, I had intended to offer these on my Etsy site but finding boxes big enough proved to be more difficult than expected. SO, I am offering them HERE ONLY and to only San Diego readers (unless someone from out of town wants to pick them up). The $12 price includes delivery. If you want them for Christmas, they MUST be ordered by the 20th, however I do have them available for immediate purchase now. I can also take your order and hold them for delivery as late as the 24th if you have prying eyes peeking for presents.

Get your kids outdoors this year. Have some old-fashioned SAFE fun. Oh, and by the way, your husband wants one too!

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