Friday, November 7, 2008

Work with what you have...

In the face of the ever worsening economy, what is a fiber artist to do? Well, if you can make new, renew!

"The Man" brought me some shorts that have seen better days. Now, unlike most of us, since he works for the government, he is not hurting financially. However, like most men, he won't throw out his favorite shorts until the last of two strings holding it together breaks (and I imagine even then, he will ask me to "do my magic"). Growing up with no money, with a mother that was born during the depression, I know how to do that kind of magic. Just take it as a challenge.

While this is a normal occurrence in my house - people bringing me things that look like rats have been chewing on them - I don't think that it is that unusual to have things like this "hiding" in your closet (worn out clothes, not rats!). Things that you can't throw away "because you love them" tend to get pushed to the back of the drawer or closet. Isn't now a good time to pull it all out and do something about it?

My friend Jeff asked me today what I was working on. When I told him about "The Man's" shorts, he proceeded to pull out a stack of pants that needed to have the hem let out and several shirts that needed buttons sewn on. I also snagged a pair of jeans that, I think, still had the rat living in them. They are work pants and the others that I saw had mis-matched patched all over them - I refuse to allow him to be seen like that when I can do something about it!! So the are also on my pile to properly patch.

So I can't go out and buy any yarn, but there is ALWAYS some kind of needle craft waiting and probably in your own closet!


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