Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who wound the clock too tight?

Where did November go??!

When you live in Southern California, the winter holidays are a strange thing. Your first sign that the holidays are coming is 90 degree, arid heat and wild fires. Talk about 'chestnuts roasting on an open fire'! The annual craft show start about the same time but who wants to think about Christmas in a tank top? Half of the leaves falling from the 10 deciduous trees in San Diego are still green.

Thanksgiving back East when I was growing up was a toasty warm kitchen with great smells. We wait to change the screens in the storm door to the glass until a few days after Thanksgiving so that while we are cooking, we can have the cool air keep it the perfect temperature. In CA, we don't have storm doors, but even if we did, it would let the necessary air conditioning that is running full blast on T-day out. It is all a bit surreal.

Because of all this, the holidays always seem to sneak up on me. The past few weeks I have been busy with shows and I turned my calendar page on Sunday to see Turkey Day and had a bit of a panic attack. Growing up I had a wind up alarm clock. If you wound it too much, it would run fast, waking me up an hour early for school. This, of course, I wouldn't realize until I was waiting for the bus for WAY too long in the cold. I keep hoping it is a big joke. Did someone wind the clock too fast or press the fast forward button on life?

I HAVE done a lot of knitting (and made quite the mess of my apartment). I have done several show and put new things in my store. It is funny how things work out sometimes though. I am going away for T-Day for the first time in a LONG time. I worried at first about the work time lost on all the projects I am juggling. I thought, "How much yarn can I bring without appearing rude?" I think now though, that this is one of those times that God sits back with a smirk... We think we know what is best for us. We plan and plot our lives. The truth is, He gives us what we need when we need it. It IS time for a few days rest. Yes, there will be knitting, but I won't be hiring a Sherpa to help me carry it all.

By the way, this is also the first time I am leaving "The Boys" so I had to get a picture online that I can look at occasionally to see their beautiful furry faces. It is also the picture I will pull up on my computer while I clean up the mess they make while I am gone (because they are mad I left them) so I can remember why I love them.
Check out the new stuff in my store and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Work with what you have...

In the face of the ever worsening economy, what is a fiber artist to do? Well, if you can make new, renew!

"The Man" brought me some shorts that have seen better days. Now, unlike most of us, since he works for the government, he is not hurting financially. However, like most men, he won't throw out his favorite shorts until the last of two strings holding it together breaks (and I imagine even then, he will ask me to "do my magic"). Growing up with no money, with a mother that was born during the depression, I know how to do that kind of magic. Just take it as a challenge.

While this is a normal occurrence in my house - people bringing me things that look like rats have been chewing on them - I don't think that it is that unusual to have things like this "hiding" in your closet (worn out clothes, not rats!). Things that you can't throw away "because you love them" tend to get pushed to the back of the drawer or closet. Isn't now a good time to pull it all out and do something about it?

My friend Jeff asked me today what I was working on. When I told him about "The Man's" shorts, he proceeded to pull out a stack of pants that needed to have the hem let out and several shirts that needed buttons sewn on. I also snagged a pair of jeans that, I think, still had the rat living in them. They are work pants and the others that I saw had mis-matched patched all over them - I refuse to allow him to be seen like that when I can do something about it!! So the are also on my pile to properly patch.

So I can't go out and buy any yarn, but there is ALWAYS some kind of needle craft waiting and probably in your own closet!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Face Off

As most of you know, my world revolves around "My Boys". I treat them like children (spoiled rotten teenagers, actually) and I am sure that there is some psychological abnormality about it - I don't care. The one thing I DO deny them is access to the balcony...

a.) when I am not home and

b.) early morning and dusk. Now this is because cats are cats and while mine are not the brightest bulbs, instinct makes them even stupider.

My apartment has big windows on the courtyard side. These frame a nice amount of trees and bushes, all of which attract humming birds. On the other side of my apartment is the balcony which has a dwarf lime tree and a blueberry bush that also both attract hummingbirds. Now, allowed, "The Boys" would be diving off the balcony trying to catch the birds - they don't know what to do with them once they catch them (we found out with 2 morning doves at the last apartment) but they (meaning Franz) are good at catching them. This being said, I keep them in during active hummingbird times, a fact that the local hummingbirds have figured out.

It seems that then "The Boys" are behind the screens the hummingbirds like to mock them. I couldn't figure out why my usually passive bird watchers would occasionally try to go through the screens. It turns out the hummingbirds are coming right up to the screen to get right in their faces. Until the other day, I haven't been able to catch this on "film". I now have proof.

On this particular day there was not one, but THREE of them outside the window. I could only get two of them in the shot as one was not as bold as these, but I officially gave "The Boys" treats for putting up with this torment. From the excitement Hanz was not producing, I have a feeling it is a normal thing. POOR BABIES!! Why don't they sell hummingbird flavored treats? They sell lamb - like the average house cat could take down a lamb! They should sell flavors like hummingbird and goldfish and field mouse - this way we could properly reward our babies for not eating what they see but can't get to.
On the knitting front, FINALLY my cold streak was broken and I made some good sales at my shows. I know, I understand, that the economy is now at its finest, but I take it personally when I have a show and don't sell anything. I made up for it this weekend and for all of you who participated in that - I thank you.
I have some new products coming out in the next 2 weeks so come back and visit!!