Thursday, October 2, 2008

Smack on the hand

Boy! What a blogging slacker I am! You'd think I had a real job!!

Well, I HAVE been working away here - needles of some sort going EVERY day. I have just been neglecting YOU, my friends. It is a good thing I give good Christmas gifts - right??!

Let me show you a bit of what I have been doing lately!

My friend Charmin bought an older boat recently and given that she still lets me spend a lot of time with her boyfriend - my best friend - I offered to do some slip covers for the 'indoor' seat cushions. The back rests are a blue Hawaiian floral pattern. The seat are a sturdier solid navy. I think her choice in fabric is just awesome. The back rest cushions have straps that snap to hold them in place so I reinforced the area and did a large button hold to accommodate the straps. I also wanted her to be able to take them off and wash them. We decided on snaps as a closure. One end just folds over and snaps closed. Since the cushions are custom fit to the boat, you shouldn't be able to see them. I still have one more cushion to do, I will try to get some finished and in place photos for you.

You may have already seen the ghost earrings up in my Etsy store. I tried to wait until October 1 to put them up, but I got too excited and put them up early. They are made with reclaimed yarn and matte glass beads and knit on US000. If I get enough interest in the pattern, I might be persuaded to write the pattern up, although I don't know many that enjoy knitting on US000 as much as I do. If you would like a pair (and don't want to brave the US 000's), email me directly and tell me that you read about them on my blog and I will give you $2 off.

As the heat here continues to oppress and the weekend's MiraMar Air Show looms (this weekend), I have a feeling that the windows will be shut and A/C will go on, allowing me to do a bit of sewing. As it requires much more movement than knitting, I have been putting off some of the projects I know I should be doing. With the A/C on, I should be able to get it done without melting all over the fabric!

Look for some knits and bags and needle and hook holders in the near future - and no, I won't tell you more than that!! You will just have to come back and take a look.

Until then.... ~Enjoy!

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Corinne said...

Hey you, seamstress extraordinaire!
You've been tagged...go on over to my blog and get the details!!