Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn is here!

Well, no matter where in the US you live, there is no denying that Fall is here. In most places the leaves are doing their annual show and summer clothes are being packed away in leiu of warmer gear.

Here in San Diego, we have little of that. Deciduous trees are few. And, while we might pull on a sweatshirt in the evening, flip flops are year-round footwear. What we DO have is cool air and warm Santa Ana breezes that leave a distinct Autumn smell in the air that rivals that of any cooler weather Autumn display.

Autumn here also means Craft Shows. Much like deciduous trees, these are few and far between so October and November are exciting months for those of us in love with fiber - or any kind of craft for that matter. Deb and I will be at a few of these, the first of which will be this coming weekend.

The Bonita Optimist Club will be holding their Fall Craft Show on October 18th. It is being held at Rohr Manor at Rohr Park, 4548 Sweetwater Road, Bonita, CA 91902. This show was FABULOUS last year and promises to be again this year. Since I know that most of you will have to make a bit of a hike to get there, I am offering a free gift to anyone who comes and mentions this post. I hope to see you there!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Smack on the hand

Boy! What a blogging slacker I am! You'd think I had a real job!!

Well, I HAVE been working away here - needles of some sort going EVERY day. I have just been neglecting YOU, my friends. It is a good thing I give good Christmas gifts - right??!

Let me show you a bit of what I have been doing lately!

My friend Charmin bought an older boat recently and given that she still lets me spend a lot of time with her boyfriend - my best friend - I offered to do some slip covers for the 'indoor' seat cushions. The back rests are a blue Hawaiian floral pattern. The seat are a sturdier solid navy. I think her choice in fabric is just awesome. The back rest cushions have straps that snap to hold them in place so I reinforced the area and did a large button hold to accommodate the straps. I also wanted her to be able to take them off and wash them. We decided on snaps as a closure. One end just folds over and snaps closed. Since the cushions are custom fit to the boat, you shouldn't be able to see them. I still have one more cushion to do, I will try to get some finished and in place photos for you.

You may have already seen the ghost earrings up in my Etsy store. I tried to wait until October 1 to put them up, but I got too excited and put them up early. They are made with reclaimed yarn and matte glass beads and knit on US000. If I get enough interest in the pattern, I might be persuaded to write the pattern up, although I don't know many that enjoy knitting on US000 as much as I do. If you would like a pair (and don't want to brave the US 000's), email me directly and tell me that you read about them on my blog and I will give you $2 off.

As the heat here continues to oppress and the weekend's MiraMar Air Show looms (this weekend), I have a feeling that the windows will be shut and A/C will go on, allowing me to do a bit of sewing. As it requires much more movement than knitting, I have been putting off some of the projects I know I should be doing. With the A/C on, I should be able to get it done without melting all over the fabric!

Look for some knits and bags and needle and hook holders in the near future - and no, I won't tell you more than that!! You will just have to come back and take a look.

Until then.... ~Enjoy!