Friday, September 5, 2008

Finishing and Frogging

Well, while I have been a bit quiet here in Blogland, I HAVE been knitting. I FINALLY finished up the shawl that I have been working on for about a year.

Cozy (Free from by Danielle Schoonover
Hand painted Cashmere bought on sale from HipKnits but lost the ball bands long ago (they are in that safe place that I can never find)
Picture courtesy of my sweet friend Malachy

I have to say I LOVE this stitch. I love the yarn. But after looking at it for the past year, I am not sure I will be wearing it any time soon. I am even considering selling it. It came out beautifully with only one noticeable mistake (noticeable to me). We'll see how I feel after a month or so - or make after the temp comes down under 80!!

I also had a frogging episode.

This sock that I made out of the yarn that I bought on my trip to Oakland got all the was down to the ball of my foot before I just couldn't take it anymore and frogged it. little things here and there were bothering me. It seemed like the only thing I was truly happy with was the cuff - so that is where I frogged back to. I never did take a picture of where I was, but I took notes of the changed I want to make and I think I know what I need to do now.

I have also decided to make these for The Kid. I think she will get more use out of them. I rarely wear socks - or closed toed shoes for the matter - and when I do, you can't see the socks. She wears tennis shoes (or sneakers depending on where you reside) everyday and crocks at work. Also, since she has tiny feet, women's size 6, I should be able to make a matching pair for my new nephew out of the same ball. Christmas is coming and unlike years past, I will not be done with Christmas presents in September. I am already stressing.

On that same note, a lot of you who read this got an email from me a month or two ago requesting measurements. If you have not sent those back to me (and with the exception of Adrian, you should all be blushing right now!!!) I say this: If I get to your present and you haven't sent them, I don't want to hear any whining if I guess wrong on your size. AND, unlike most presents, I WILL be mad if you don't like it and I WILL ask you to wear it anyway!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN FORE WARNED!

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you didn't ask for mine! Well, I am a large ;)