Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Are you ready?

After last year's devastating fires, it brings to mind how much we have to lose. Obviously, when we are evacuated from our homes, we take our children, our pets, our yarn and (sometimes) our spouses. During the waiting, we wonder, "what did we forget?". When all is said and done, MOST of it can be replaced. The one thing that everyone has that can't be is their photos - their family albums. Will you remember them all? Are you like me and have too many to fit in the car?

My best friend of many years has an answer. Jeff started fotoHERO last year. He can scan those photos, albums, home movies - all of your memories into a digital format. Chances are your latest pictures are already there, so you know how much easier it is to store and transport. Doesn't it just make sense to have it all together?

Once they are in a digital format, they can be put on a DVD, shared with family members (maybe a good Christmas gift as well!!), put in a safety deposit box, or just put in a place where you can pick it up quick. I was displaced by the 2003 fires and since then, all of my important things are in 1 box - an antique champagne case - so if I need to leave in a hurry, I take the box and The Boys and go (and yes, a few of my favorite yarns reside there as well).

The fire season is upon us. Don't wait - give him a call.

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