Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bra Making Class

If you are one of the many San Diego locals that sews, lend me your ears! San Diego Continuing Education Program is offering a FREE class for bra fitting and construction. This is a class I have been wanting to take for a long time. The unfortunate part is that they cancel the class if not enough people sign up. If this is a class that you have even considered taking - take it now! I will personally bring cookies to every class! You can email for more information here:

Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Are you ready?

After last year's devastating fires, it brings to mind how much we have to lose. Obviously, when we are evacuated from our homes, we take our children, our pets, our yarn and (sometimes) our spouses. During the waiting, we wonder, "what did we forget?". When all is said and done, MOST of it can be replaced. The one thing that everyone has that can't be is their photos - their family albums. Will you remember them all? Are you like me and have too many to fit in the car?

My best friend of many years has an answer. Jeff started fotoHERO last year. He can scan those photos, albums, home movies - all of your memories into a digital format. Chances are your latest pictures are already there, so you know how much easier it is to store and transport. Doesn't it just make sense to have it all together?

Once they are in a digital format, they can be put on a DVD, shared with family members (maybe a good Christmas gift as well!!), put in a safety deposit box, or just put in a place where you can pick it up quick. I was displaced by the 2003 fires and since then, all of my important things are in 1 box - an antique champagne case - so if I need to leave in a hurry, I take the box and The Boys and go (and yes, a few of my favorite yarns reside there as well).

The fire season is upon us. Don't wait - give him a call.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Can you hear the whip?

Sadly, not much knitting has been happening here. My favorite thing to do (beside loving on "The Boys"), just takes too much time.

I have been cracking the whip and working away at things for my Etsy Store and knitted items just take too long to be cost effective. That is not to say that there won't be any knitted items in there..... My shawl is creeping, ever closer, to the "For Sale" category. I also have some Halloween treats going up October 1. In the over all scheme of things, however, there won't be a lot of it - at least not for now.

What I DO have going up on my site is more DPN holders. They are showing up a bit slow due to the gloomy weather "raining" on my picture plans, but they are made and waiting for some sun. I also have a few new things, again waiting on the sun for photos. I DID squeak out a few mediocre ones in between the clouds. Here is just a little tease...


Friday, September 5, 2008

Finishing and Frogging

Well, while I have been a bit quiet here in Blogland, I HAVE been knitting. I FINALLY finished up the shawl that I have been working on for about a year.

Cozy (Free from by Danielle Schoonover
Hand painted Cashmere bought on sale from HipKnits but lost the ball bands long ago (they are in that safe place that I can never find)
Picture courtesy of my sweet friend Malachy

I have to say I LOVE this stitch. I love the yarn. But after looking at it for the past year, I am not sure I will be wearing it any time soon. I am even considering selling it. It came out beautifully with only one noticeable mistake (noticeable to me). We'll see how I feel after a month or so - or make after the temp comes down under 80!!

I also had a frogging episode.

This sock that I made out of the yarn that I bought on my trip to Oakland got all the was down to the ball of my foot before I just couldn't take it anymore and frogged it. little things here and there were bothering me. It seemed like the only thing I was truly happy with was the cuff - so that is where I frogged back to. I never did take a picture of where I was, but I took notes of the changed I want to make and I think I know what I need to do now.

I have also decided to make these for The Kid. I think she will get more use out of them. I rarely wear socks - or closed toed shoes for the matter - and when I do, you can't see the socks. She wears tennis shoes (or sneakers depending on where you reside) everyday and crocks at work. Also, since she has tiny feet, women's size 6, I should be able to make a matching pair for my new nephew out of the same ball. Christmas is coming and unlike years past, I will not be done with Christmas presents in September. I am already stressing.

On that same note, a lot of you who read this got an email from me a month or two ago requesting measurements. If you have not sent those back to me (and with the exception of Adrian, you should all be blushing right now!!!) I say this: If I get to your present and you haven't sent them, I don't want to hear any whining if I guess wrong on your size. AND, unlike most presents, I WILL be mad if you don't like it and I WILL ask you to wear it anyway!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN FORE WARNED!