Monday, August 4, 2008

The things that kids "forget" to remeber.....

When you have an 18 year old, there are things you just know to expect them to "forget".... to tell you that they needed a signature today on something after you have left for work... to fill the gas tank when they use the car.... that their aunt is pregnant....... WAIT! WHAT?! I get a text message on Sunday "Tita had her baby" and no one bothered to tell you Tita was EXPECTING a baby, you have to stop and say "Uhm, back up." Now, the text messaging.... OK, at 18, sometimes that is the only communication you get - this is the case with "The Kid". But, this is the aunt who spent every cent she made on her and every free minute with her when my daughter was little and she was only 18 herself. This is the aunt that still spends enormous amounts of time with her - not some aunt she never sees. You would think that at some point in the past 8 months, it would have occurred to her to mention it.

Now an additional down side to not knowing, is that I had NO TIME TO KNIT for my new nephew. It isn't like I only knit occasionally and could run out and buy a gift and feel guilty in private. I knit every day and they know it. This is a woman who I owe an endless debt to for what she has given to my daughter. SO, that being said, these will be the first of MANY baby gifts to come.
Crocheted Baby Sneaker Booties From Sue's Crochet and Knitting
I used scrap white acrylic and scrap blue cotton (no idea where the labels are)
I added the little stripes down the side to make them a bit more "sporty".

There will probably be A LOT of shoes to come. Since they live in Miami, there aren't a lot of knitted items they would need. I may throw some sewing posts in too - I hope you all don't mind.

Over the weekend, while I unpacked, I rewarded myself with knitting (after the booties were done obviously). I also made this:

It is just K4, P4 in a approx. 12" x 12" square and folded and sewn down in thirds.

In an effort to "green" my house, I have stopped buying sponges (among other things) and I need washcloths for dishes. Now, there are a few of you that will have a few comments about this as I am not a "wash cloth knitter". Some people LOVE it - they like that it is quick or they like to practice new stitches. Well, simply put, I don't. This was a purely functional knit - nothing else. SO, those of you who are smirking right now (and you KNOW who you are - CORINNE - by the way, I haven't seen a blog in a while) YOU HAVE NOT pulled me over to the "wash cloth knitter side" any more than those thinking that they have pulled me over to the "crocheter side" just because I did the booties. I am allowed to blur the lines of "Knitter" every so often and still be a "Knitter".

Well, just so that you know that it is REALLY me, with the crochet and wash cloth and what not, here is the gratuitous "Baby" picture:


Corinne said...

Oh, so you are using something hand-knit to clean dirt. OMG!!! I love it and will have to make myself some...Go Green!!

Karla said...

Congrats Auntie. The booties look cute. The washcloth looks good too.