Friday, August 22, 2008

I got it!!!

OK, I this I got the only one shipped to this area! The man behind the counter tried his best to suppress his laugh while I nearly passed out from excitement when I picked it up. Had I known how AWESOME this book was on the INSIDE I might have needed help out of the store!

I have always loved Wendy's patterns. (Yeah, we are on a first name basis since I have read her blog for so long. Now, SHE doesn't know this, but since I doubt she will be reading my little blog here, I guess I am safe - right?) I have always loved her patterns. She somehow takes all the BS out and adds all the great finishing that makes great pieces great. So purchasing this book (even though I am unemployed AGAIN) was something that HAD to be done. I just KNEW that it would have patterns that would have me in yarn debt until the end of this decade, but I will own that debt happily and well dressed.

What I didn't know about this book is that it has ALL the information that I have been griping that no one has ever put into a book. While there is no debating that Elizabeth Zimmerman is the GURU of knitting, I have been looking for a little more "coolness", a guide to a new century of knitting. I am not a new knitter. I don't need instructions to knit and purl. New cast ons and techniques are always appreciated - don't get me wrong. But the last thing I need in ANOTHER book are the ABC's of knitting. I want the LMNOP's. THIS book had it. THIS book had L-Z! It gave me patterns with suggestions to "make it my own". THIS book gave me direction to do basic pattern making. THIS book gave me the belief that I CAN knit creatively and maybe even be a little "cool". If I wasn't already in awe, I am now. Get this woman a tiara - she may not be The GURU of knitting but she is definitely SOME kind of royalty!

All I can say is - ORDER THIS BOOK. Do not pass go, go straight to your favorite place to but books, because I am not sharing!! OK-- Meagan I will share with - but only because she is doing the fair isle for me! This book is worth EVERY SINGLE CENT.

~Enjoy!! (I already am!!)

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