Monday, August 18, 2008

Charity Knits

I have been knitting furiously trying to make a deadline on some charity knitted dog sweaters. 100% acrylic (which I will NEVER do again - I will GLADLY admit to being a yarn snob!!) so that they can be wash- and dry-able. Since I really do not like little yappy dogs, I wanted to make some coats for slightly larger pups, although in my hesitance to knit anymore than I had to, I did not swatch. YES, I KNOW, we have hit this subject again and again - will I ever learn? Probably not. Do I care? In this instance no. They will fit some dog somewhere.

SO, what did I end up making?

I call this College Stripe.
I used the pattern Cosmo's Coat by Laurie Lee (Ravelry Link)
in Vanna's Choice Solids, Brick and Navy

I think that so many of these little dogs are dressed up in cute little sweaters... I tried to make something a little more masculine. If I HAVE to cater to the yappers, I am at least going to make something I like - no fluff here!! I followed the basic pattern with the styling and the underside ribbing as the only exceptions. I added a red stripe in the top and bottom ribbing and a wider stripe at the rib cage, just under the arm holes. I also added ribbing between the legs from the arms to the belly to add some stretch room since I don't know who this is going to. I couldn't take measurements so a little extra wiggle room, I thought, would be a nice addition.
The next I called Racing Stripe
I used the pattern Italian Greyhound Sweater by Gracleb (Ravelry Link) in Vanna's Choice Solids Brick and Navy
Again, I wanted to do something different. My friend Anne has been looking for a sweater pattern for her Italian Greyhound and I found this for her and figured I would try out the pattern while I was making dog sweaters anyway -because how often does that happen?? Since I was trying to use up the yarn that was donated
to me and I had 2 Bricks and 1 Navy left, I figured I would switch up the colors and how funny would it be to have racing stripes on a greyhound (even if he is a mini!) Anyway, this would be the one where the swatching goofed me up. This will probably fit a small regular greyhound! It came out quite large which would explain why I kept knitting and knitting and was STILL not done one time!! It did come out awfully cute though and I learned a few things along the way.
The most IMPORTANT thing I learned? That the next charity sweaters will have to be made out of cotton. NO MORE ACRYLIC!! I can't make me!!

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