Friday, August 22, 2008

I got it!!!

OK, I this I got the only one shipped to this area! The man behind the counter tried his best to suppress his laugh while I nearly passed out from excitement when I picked it up. Had I known how AWESOME this book was on the INSIDE I might have needed help out of the store!

I have always loved Wendy's patterns. (Yeah, we are on a first name basis since I have read her blog for so long. Now, SHE doesn't know this, but since I doubt she will be reading my little blog here, I guess I am safe - right?) I have always loved her patterns. She somehow takes all the BS out and adds all the great finishing that makes great pieces great. So purchasing this book (even though I am unemployed AGAIN) was something that HAD to be done. I just KNEW that it would have patterns that would have me in yarn debt until the end of this decade, but I will own that debt happily and well dressed.

What I didn't know about this book is that it has ALL the information that I have been griping that no one has ever put into a book. While there is no debating that Elizabeth Zimmerman is the GURU of knitting, I have been looking for a little more "coolness", a guide to a new century of knitting. I am not a new knitter. I don't need instructions to knit and purl. New cast ons and techniques are always appreciated - don't get me wrong. But the last thing I need in ANOTHER book are the ABC's of knitting. I want the LMNOP's. THIS book had it. THIS book had L-Z! It gave me patterns with suggestions to "make it my own". THIS book gave me direction to do basic pattern making. THIS book gave me the belief that I CAN knit creatively and maybe even be a little "cool". If I wasn't already in awe, I am now. Get this woman a tiara - she may not be The GURU of knitting but she is definitely SOME kind of royalty!

All I can say is - ORDER THIS BOOK. Do not pass go, go straight to your favorite place to but books, because I am not sharing!! OK-- Meagan I will share with - but only because she is doing the fair isle for me! This book is worth EVERY SINGLE CENT.

~Enjoy!! (I already am!!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's OUT!!

Wendy Bernard's (Knit and Tonic) book is FINALLY OUT!!! I cannot WAIT to get this!! My friend Meagan has already agreed to "help" me make the cover sweater. I say "help" because, as I have said in past posts - I don't fair isle. Meagan LOVES to fair isle. And is REALLY GOOD at it.

I have been waiting (not so) patiently for this book to come out. I have been reading Knit and Tonic since I just started knitting. I feel some kind of a kindred (and somewhat sarcastic) spirit when I read her. I envy her writing most of all. She says what I think with a grace that I never seem to find. I just seem to blurt it out poorly and offend people (even when I am saying something nice!). She is real and says real things and I like that. What I wouldn't do to spend an afternoon knitting and drinking margaritas with HER!!

Beyond that - I LOVE her patterns. She has style (although, if I were thin like her, my style would probably look better!) that is cool but doesn't make us old farts (my birthday is weighing on my mind today) look like we are trying to be younger than we really are. Unfortunately, I don't see her book available at any local stores - if you know where I can pick one up (do I really have to wait for the MAIL??!) in San Diego - let me know. AND pick one up for yourself - it will be a purchase you won't regret. She is AWESOME!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Charity Knits

I have been knitting furiously trying to make a deadline on some charity knitted dog sweaters. 100% acrylic (which I will NEVER do again - I will GLADLY admit to being a yarn snob!!) so that they can be wash- and dry-able. Since I really do not like little yappy dogs, I wanted to make some coats for slightly larger pups, although in my hesitance to knit anymore than I had to, I did not swatch. YES, I KNOW, we have hit this subject again and again - will I ever learn? Probably not. Do I care? In this instance no. They will fit some dog somewhere.

SO, what did I end up making?

I call this College Stripe.
I used the pattern Cosmo's Coat by Laurie Lee (Ravelry Link)
in Vanna's Choice Solids, Brick and Navy

I think that so many of these little dogs are dressed up in cute little sweaters... I tried to make something a little more masculine. If I HAVE to cater to the yappers, I am at least going to make something I like - no fluff here!! I followed the basic pattern with the styling and the underside ribbing as the only exceptions. I added a red stripe in the top and bottom ribbing and a wider stripe at the rib cage, just under the arm holes. I also added ribbing between the legs from the arms to the belly to add some stretch room since I don't know who this is going to. I couldn't take measurements so a little extra wiggle room, I thought, would be a nice addition.
The next I called Racing Stripe
I used the pattern Italian Greyhound Sweater by Gracleb (Ravelry Link) in Vanna's Choice Solids Brick and Navy
Again, I wanted to do something different. My friend Anne has been looking for a sweater pattern for her Italian Greyhound and I found this for her and figured I would try out the pattern while I was making dog sweaters anyway -because how often does that happen?? Since I was trying to use up the yarn that was donated
to me and I had 2 Bricks and 1 Navy left, I figured I would switch up the colors and how funny would it be to have racing stripes on a greyhound (even if he is a mini!) Anyway, this would be the one where the swatching goofed me up. This will probably fit a small regular greyhound! It came out quite large which would explain why I kept knitting and knitting and was STILL not done one time!! It did come out awfully cute though and I learned a few things along the way.
The most IMPORTANT thing I learned? That the next charity sweaters will have to be made out of cotton. NO MORE ACRYLIC!! I can't make me!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



I understand that time seems to speed by while I am knitting - it is the whole "time flies by when you are having fun" thing. But I never seem to get half as much done as I need or expect to. I must be cursed.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My sweet friend Corinne over at Craftyloca is another year older today, although, to tell the truth I think she lies about her age. She looks far too fabulous to be ... how old are you this year? 29? And, whose kids are those? I have 1 and she gave me far more wrinkles than you have on the palm of your hand! And, girlie, the energy level is a DEAD GIVEAWAY! NO ONE over the age of 30 has that much energy without a crack habit.

SO, Craftyloca, whatever you are doing, keep it up. (And, share it with me or next year I will tell them your REAL age!!)

All of my love to you on your birthday. X

Monday, August 4, 2008

The things that kids "forget" to remeber.....

When you have an 18 year old, there are things you just know to expect them to "forget".... to tell you that they needed a signature today on something after you have left for work... to fill the gas tank when they use the car.... that their aunt is pregnant....... WAIT! WHAT?! I get a text message on Sunday "Tita had her baby" and no one bothered to tell you Tita was EXPECTING a baby, you have to stop and say "Uhm, back up." Now, the text messaging.... OK, at 18, sometimes that is the only communication you get - this is the case with "The Kid". But, this is the aunt who spent every cent she made on her and every free minute with her when my daughter was little and she was only 18 herself. This is the aunt that still spends enormous amounts of time with her - not some aunt she never sees. You would think that at some point in the past 8 months, it would have occurred to her to mention it.

Now an additional down side to not knowing, is that I had NO TIME TO KNIT for my new nephew. It isn't like I only knit occasionally and could run out and buy a gift and feel guilty in private. I knit every day and they know it. This is a woman who I owe an endless debt to for what she has given to my daughter. SO, that being said, these will be the first of MANY baby gifts to come.
Crocheted Baby Sneaker Booties From Sue's Crochet and Knitting
I used scrap white acrylic and scrap blue cotton (no idea where the labels are)
I added the little stripes down the side to make them a bit more "sporty".

There will probably be A LOT of shoes to come. Since they live in Miami, there aren't a lot of knitted items they would need. I may throw some sewing posts in too - I hope you all don't mind.

Over the weekend, while I unpacked, I rewarded myself with knitting (after the booties were done obviously). I also made this:

It is just K4, P4 in a approx. 12" x 12" square and folded and sewn down in thirds.

In an effort to "green" my house, I have stopped buying sponges (among other things) and I need washcloths for dishes. Now, there are a few of you that will have a few comments about this as I am not a "wash cloth knitter". Some people LOVE it - they like that it is quick or they like to practice new stitches. Well, simply put, I don't. This was a purely functional knit - nothing else. SO, those of you who are smirking right now (and you KNOW who you are - CORINNE - by the way, I haven't seen a blog in a while) YOU HAVE NOT pulled me over to the "wash cloth knitter side" any more than those thinking that they have pulled me over to the "crocheter side" just because I did the booties. I am allowed to blur the lines of "Knitter" every so often and still be a "Knitter".

Well, just so that you know that it is REALLY me, with the crochet and wash cloth and what not, here is the gratuitous "Baby" picture:

Friday, August 1, 2008

Picture of the Day

Is it bad that this picture gets me excited?