Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Laziness does not become me

...or my socks. So after 2 attempts to wear my Anastasia socks, I have determined that I need to (once again) pull the top out of that one and (once again) re-knit the same part on one needle size up. It is not only smallER, it is indeed TOO small and my fat ankles are not amused. (Yes, ankleS... I tried the sock on BOTH feet hoping one would miraculously be significantly smaller than the other - DUH!)

So folks, I offer you this piece of wisdom: WRITE IT DOWN. All of it. Anything you do. WRITE IT DOWN. If you put it aside, if you need to change something, if you want to REPEAT it, you will need to know what you did in the first place. Learn from my mistake.

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