Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Laziness does not become me

...or my socks. So after 2 attempts to wear my Anastasia socks, I have determined that I need to (once again) pull the top out of that one and (once again) re-knit the same part on one needle size up. It is not only smallER, it is indeed TOO small and my fat ankles are not amused. (Yes, ankleS... I tried the sock on BOTH feet hoping one would miraculously be significantly smaller than the other - DUH!)

So folks, I offer you this piece of wisdom: WRITE IT DOWN. All of it. Anything you do. WRITE IT DOWN. If you put it aside, if you need to change something, if you want to REPEAT it, you will need to know what you did in the first place. Learn from my mistake.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Called Out

OK, so I have been called out. Blogging has NOT been one of my priorities lately. It is not that I haven't been knitting, it has just been a whirlwind of activity and chaos and in an effort to not sound like a bumbling idiot, I chose to save my posting until I could sort out my thoughts.

My friend Adrian who, by now, is known for her baby hats, has out done herself with this stunning bundle of grapes hat. If the twisty vine was not cute enough the leaves were just the perfect touch. She never does anything half way and thinks of everything.

I worked on this great pattern that I will probably do again. It is just enough pattern to keep your interest but not so much you can't watch a movie at the same time. (Of course, I recommend writing down your stats AS YOU DO THEM so that when you realize you have made one significantly longer than the other and you frog back, you don't guess the wrong needle size and redo half a sock again on too small of a needle. ah-hem.)

Anastasia Sock Pattern by "Pepperknit" in
Austermann Step, Laub, US 0 (US 00)

Now, I have used this yarn before and while I have never made a serious attempt at matching up the stripes, I somehow think that my attempts would have been in vain anyway. They could probably get a bit closer, but this yarn is definitely not for those who have to have their stripes perfect. I do really like the variegated and stripes mixed. The colors are even growing on me.

You should definitely check out , she has some cute free patterns that are very well written.

That's all for today.. I have more but since I have been such a slacker, I figure I will string you along to make you come back!