Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer Finishing Sale!!

Well, the heat has hit with full force here in San Diego. With 90+ degrees in many parts of the county, the last thing on anyone's mind is finishing those Winter sweaters. (OK, so maybe 90+ isn't so bad for some of you, and maybe we don't really have a "Winter" compared to the rest of the country, but when you are paying $900 for a 150 sq.ft. apartment under the justifications that you are "paying for 'location' and that it is a 'sunshine tax', I want 50-75 degrees damn it! )
If picking up that lovely Alpaca cardigan that you have been toiling over sends welcomed shivers down your spine or sewing seams on that super bulky sweater makes you wonder if it wouldn't just be easier to donate it to so Eskimo tribe in Alaska, now - right now, you want to contact me. Pick up the phone and pant into the receiver, I'll understand. Email me "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"- I speak "melting". Note: DON'T DRIP ON THE KEYBOARD (I can't fix that for you).
Right now, I am taking 25% off all finishing services and zippers are the same price as buttons (as long as you provide the zip - if I provide it, it is regular price)! This sale runs through the end of the month. If you have a project that is not quite ready but will be in the beginning of June, call me now and you will get the sale price.
We all know you won't do the finishing once it gets cooler. In September you will be getting the kids back to school. October, you will be making Halloween costumes. November you will be making Christmas gifts. December you will be rushing around buying Christmas gifts to replace all the presents that you didn't finish in November. Let me help you out now, before the humidity in July kicks in. (at which point I will either charge you double or say mean things about you while I melt all over your Manos!)

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Anonymous said...

finishing should be done by poolside ... come on over!! Food and cold drinks await!