Thursday, April 24, 2008

I will be out in public!!!

I know that many of you have been having "Lisa Withdrawal" over the past few months. Since I moved and don't have to drive to work, I no longer want to drive anywhere and it is rare to see me unless you come to me. Also, since I have been sample knitting for a yarn distributor, on yarn that isn't out yet (yeah, don't you wish you were me!!) I haven't been able to show you any of my work. My posts have been lacking, I know.

If you live in San Diego, you DO have the opportunity to see me (and my work) at Sunday, Crafty Sunday at Filter (formerly The Other Side Coffee House) in North Park. Here's more information. For those of you who have already seen them, I will have TONS of my DPN holders. If you mention seeing this blog, I will give you $2.00 off. My "partner in knitting crime"will be there also. For a preview you can check her out here , here and as always on my side bar. You may wonder why I only have one of her sites linked on the side bar... Monkeys freak me out. Well, there you go. No post complete without pointing out, once again, how strange I am. Thus the name.

Hope to see you there!!


Corinne said...

That picture of those monkeys is pretty freaky. I hope to come out too and see you this weekend!!

Corinne said...

How did it go at the fair? I really wanted to go and see you, but I totally forgot....sorry. I hope it went well.