Friday, March 28, 2008

How do you like YOUR socks??

Well, the "never ending move" is progressing slowly. I am bravely decreasing my "stuff". And, that is all it is - isn't it? We can't take it with us. So why am I struggling to let go of the acrylic that I don't remember buying (and am not sure why I even allowed it into my house??)? Some of this stuff is so bad that I am wondering if the school I am donating to will press charges for some kind of abuse. And it isn't just yarn! Why do I NEED the "Cat wheel O'Fun" (the manufacturer named it - not I) when clearly even the cats think it was named while someone had a little too much cat nip? The book I am reading calls me an "Accumulator". I don't throw anything out that I MIGHT need later because - what if I can't afford it later? What if I can't find one later? What if I give it to someone and they throw it away and waste it?

So, in my cleaning process, so I don't have to "get rid of my stuff", I am trying to knit faster (yeah, right - I can hear you say it from here). I DID knit these:

While trying to teach a toe up short row class. So, I did one toe up, bound off and realized how much I hated the bind off I was using compared to the ribbed cast on that I have been teaching in the Cuff down classes. I then knit the second toe down (short row heel and toe). As I started to undo the first sock's bind off so that I could frog it, I decided to get onto the Internet and search for a better cast off for socks. After all - I am not the first on to knit socks. People have been doing this for years - there HAS TO be a better way. Ask and ye shall receive: A VERY well done tutorial describing a stretchy cast off. So well in fact I didn't frog sock #1. I used this cast off and will just live with the knowing that my socks do not match (technically speaking). Otherwise, I love them - stretch, colorful and fit perfect on my skis. And, just in case you were wondering... That large white glare between the sock and pants, THAT would be why all my socks stop there - I refuse to adjust my socks to fit my 11" cankles. No one sees them but you - my faithful readers. Chances are if you can put up with the rants, the ankles are nothing.


Meagan said...

Ooh, those did come out pretty! :)

Corinne said...

OMG --you are so you are telling me that little girls who can't even knit won't even want that yarn and on top of all of this cleaning and purging you are just added more stuff to your car....nasty acrylic yarn. How do you drive around with that stuff in there? UGH....doesn't it just sicken you? LOL