Monday, February 18, 2008


So Marnie tagged me with the Seven Things meme so here goes....

1. I was cute (and quiet and SHY) when I was little. BOY, am I glad I grew out of THAT! And, YES, they had color film back then.

2. Until I had my daughter, I wanted to be a singer or play trumpet or baritone in the Navy Band and/or the Boston Pops (and really thought I had a chance - it is amazing how children bring reality to you). Since then, I have not played a note or sung in public.

The first "real" song I learned how to sing was "Feelin' Groovy" by Simon and Garfunkle, (which I still know the words to) and I would sing it doing the Cher hair flip around the shoulder. (If you are laughing - just remember, you are old enough to know what I am talking about!) By the time I graduated high school, I could play all basic wind instruments except bassoon and oboe (weird reeds). Even weirder, all of the guys I played with in high school STILL PLAY and currently are in active music groups.

3. I have moved over 40 times in my lifetime spanning 7 states and 2 countries.

4. I scrub floors on my hands and knees when I am angry. Family trait - we all do it. (Yes, OCD is genetic.)

5. I had a Pooh-Bear that went everywhere with me. My mom would make matching sweaters for the two of us. The one I remember the most was a bright blue sleeveless vest with a big ladybug duplicate stitched on the chest.

6. Part of the reason I knit is because I can't sit still if I am not doing something. I wiggle like a 3 year old on a plane. Imagine the stress that could have been prevented if my mother had taught me to knit instead of knitting for me! (Of course, I still would have wanted my matching sweaters!) And, by the way, she embroidered the flowers on the sweater I am wearing above.

7. My favorite thing in the World is to get random gifts. Gift for no reason at all that tell you "I was thinking about you even when I didn't have to".

I actually had one THROWN at me on Saturday. My friend Corinne made me this great coffee cozy that really does keep your coffee hot longer. And, bonus, it fits on my mug at work.

SO, in the spirit of sharing, I hereby "tag":

GeorgeAnne - who just found out what a meme is today

Corinne - who never ceases to amaze me with the random facts of her life

Karla - who SEEMS quiet but I am betting has a feisty streak

Gena - who has just finished the most BEAUTIFUL lace shawl - go check it out!!!

Glenna - who I believe is dubbed "Crazy" Knitting Lady because she never knits anything easy (i.e. "Crazy" Talented). And, who, by the way, has a BEAUTIFUL baby girl Beatrice that I would love to set up with my boy Hanz.

Lenealve - one of the most intriguing writers I have read with descriptions of Finland so real that you will want to go put on a sweater. And she is just as talented with her knit technique and design.


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Glenna C said...

Thank you for the tag, Lisa! Now I just have to think of seven things. And sadly Beatrice is not mine, she is only mine temporarily as I mind her house while her owners are away. (They come back next month - ::sob::!)

Corinne said...

Love the picture of you! I am glad that you like the cozy :) I will post today - thanks!

Anniessa said...

Hold on - what is a "meme"? In my ex-in-law family, it's the grandmother's nickname... the kids use it instead of "grandma" or "granny".

Is there something I don't know??