Thursday, February 28, 2008

Moving again

Alright, so moving 3 times in 13 months isn't THAT bad right? And it isn't IMPOSSIBLE to get 2500 sq. ft. of furniture and stash to fit into a 150 sq. ft. apartment, I'm sure. The lesson learned with these questions -- don't EVER give up your independence. Once you have it, hold it tight and dear to you like that favorite hank of fiber that was gifted to (that you would never be able to afford) and that you are now too afraid to knit because, well, then it wouldn't be fiber any more it would be something else and then it would just be inappropriate to sit and pet it. But I digress.

I look now at the stash I have accumulated - literally MANY 18 gallon tubs FULL - should I have recognized long ago that I was out of control? Or did I subconsciously think "if I collect enough I can build myself a little "stash tub hut". " ? The comforting thing is I will never freeze to death - not with this much wool. So, I sit and contemplate what needs to go so my apartment doesn't look like a storage unit (I am told the storage unit look is "out"). Is it wrong that I would rather part with my furniture that even one ball of fiber? I mean, if pressed, I might find something acrylic in there (from before I knew better) that I could part with after a short mourning process. But I know as soon as I do, the phone will ring with news of a pending birth and anyone worth their weight in stash (and believe me - I am worth A LOT of stash) knows you don't make baby items out of anything that can't be washed and dried 2-3 times a day! SO, I think the dining table is going - given how much stash I am worth, I probably don't need it anyway. Now, if I can just get the cats to use the toilet I can get rid of the cat box!


Karla said...

Well, you are not going to freeze to death, not because of your stash of wool, but because you live in San Diego. Not saying get rid of the wool, no way! But since I'm guessing you have a fabric stash leftover from your quilting days, you could fashion some cloth drapes/walls to hide your many tubs behind. (funny because the word verification I just got was "sewcy") See even blogger is telling you to sew up some curtains. =)

Windansea said...

Stash tub hut...snicker...I see an entrepreneurial opportunity for someone. I would definitely buy one.