Thursday, February 14, 2008


This year I will be sharing with my furry beaus even though I woke up to this:

Apparently he took offense to me telling him that he was "stinky" after a trip to the Kitty Box. I shooed him away, woke up ten mins later to find this. He wasn't playing with it as you can tell by this picture:

He picked the ball up and carried it around leaving the ball intact. Thus is my lot in this life to have annoying men around me at all times. (Except my boss who broght me chocolate covered espresso beans!!) He even left the 99.9% complete sock in my bag (I just have to seam the toe). I think all of the beatings with yarn after ruining projects sunk in - dragging the yarn around still annoys me (exactly what he wants) but there are no beatings.

Yes, I am wrapped around his fuzzy little paw. Little Shit.

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Karla said...

Awww, he justs wants you to come knit by him in his cat condo. You can do a few rows on each level and then finish knitting on the floor.