Wednesday, January 2, 2008

When God speaks, do you listen?

So, my computer died. Not out right, it THINKS it is on, but it is "in a coma" - the hard drive is not doing anything. It came on, like always; I checked my email, like always; I responded, like always; I thought about starting my new blog, and the hard drive just stopped.

Now, on a 10 year old laptop, I should have expected this. Running Windows '98, I am surprised that I could still find drivers (since I am unable to update just about everything). But there was no forewarning, no tell tale sign it was going to happen. After all the years we have spent together - do I at least deserve THAT?! No, it decided to die suddenly as I was starting the new blog.

Well, Sunday at church we had a Burning Bowl and White Stone Ceremony. The idea is to write down your challenges and things you want to let go and burn them to get the out of your life - a physical representation of the spiritual act. You then write down the things you want, your goals, and what and how you need to be to get there, you meditate on it, come up with one word and write it on the stone. You then keep the stone to remind you of the path you need to stay on to achieve your goals.

Now, you are probably saying, "What does this have to do with your dead laptop?". Well, one of the things I burned was self-sabotage. I take care of others before myself and take on too much and get overwhelmed and the one who suffers is me because I don't want to let anyone ELSE down. My goals are about personal growth and the ability to take care of myself FIRST. The message from Rev. Wendy at the end was to LISTEN when God speaks. God spoke and I listened.

Not only did my computer die unexpectedly as I was about to undertake an additional blog (on top of the one I already neglect, but here is the kicker:
As I was telling my friend Jeff (my angel on more occasions than I can count) about what happened, he consoled me ... "Man, that sucks, at least you have the one at work, but you lost all the stuff on there", etc. When I told him that I thought it was God's way of saying I was taking too much on and I should just listen, he offered me his old computer.

So, last night Jeff brought me his "old" computer, I decided to listen and I decided to dedicate my time to this blog only. I will have more time for you, more time for knitting (and hopefully finishing more projects) and more time to get stuff in general done.

SO, that being said, since all of my pictures and photo software are on my dead computer, and I still have to set up the new computer, I will be a bit "photo-lean" for just a while longer. Hang in there, once I get situated, I will have a few surprises for you.


Karla said...

happy new year. sounds like you've made some good decisions. good luck with the new computer.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back from the dead computer! Here's to good resolutions and moving a positive directions CHEERS