Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolutions for the New Year

Just a few goals to share as the new year approaches.....
1. Blog more. I have neglected and otherwise just wimped out on you all.
2. More pictures. Again just pure laziness.
3. Better protect my yarn from the feline molestation. Some people have moths, mine are just a bit larger. Anytime yarn is left out (actually any yarn EXCEPT acrylic - apparently Hanz is a yarn snob too) Hanz feels the need to hide it under the bed. He doesn't chew on it anymore (OK, RARELY chews it anymore) but he loves the act of stealing it. He hunts it, sniffs it out from under or inside wherever I think it is safe and he steals them one skein at a time and then waits a few minutes to see if he got away with it. To be very honest, he usually does - what draws my attention is not being able to find Franz. Franz will normally come when called but when he doesn't, I always know where to find him... under the bed nuzzled in a cocoon of yarn. As cute as this sounds, Mommy is not amused.
4. An online fiber journal. During my move, my knitting journal went AWOL. Now, I KNOW that "The Man" will find it at some point with all of his stuff. HOWEVER, I SAW the way he is living now and I am wondering if I will need a HAZMAT team go pick it up or if I even want something that was IN the bio hazard he calls an apartment. Well, in the best interest of the health of me and the boys, I think I will just re-create it online.
5. Maybe you can help me with this.....
Do you want labels? I am divided on this. Does anyone out there have an opinion?
6. Start a new blog. No, I am not shutting down this one. I have just had some very life altering things in my life this year and I am almost , dare I say it...... BUBBLY. I want to share. I want to motivate. I want to hear what you have to say. But it isn't (well, at least most of it) knitting or fiber related. Some of you come here for the fiber and I want to respect that. So, in the next few days I will announce my new, additional blog and then I will try to keep my non-fiber related stuff over there. Of course you are always welcome to read me there too.
I hope you all have a wonderful AND SAFE New Year's Eve (you better call me if you need a sober ride home!!) and I will see you on the other side!!

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