Friday, November 23, 2007

This year's Thanks giving list...

1. For my daughter's presence in my life. I could stop here and still be the most blessed person I know.
2. For the new friends that I have made this year - there a A LOT of you - all of incredible quality and warmth. I could not have made the transition that I did without the input you have made in my life.
3. For my knit group. I know I have neglected you the past few meetings, but you should know that you are ALWAYS in my heart even if I am not there to share my theories, whine about the fact you are all freaking morning people!!!!!, and just in general, make you wish that you had brought earplugs.
4. For the jobs I love - the one that (hopefully) pays the bills and the one I hope to make pay the bills next year. (Thank you Deb for being my biggest supporter, cheerleader and unpaid marketer. I will never be able to say 'thank you' enough times for all of the promoting you do for me!)
5. My knitting. The knitting that calms me. The knitting that excites me. The knitting that carries me through everyday and remains even when I am dreaming. The knitting that owns my heart and still exudes from me even during a bout of food coma brought on by too much triptophan (even if I can't spell it) and pear cider. (I believe Deb is to thank for that one too!!)
I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving and was able to see what they have to be grateful for this year.

OH!.....and thank you God for another year with good drugs (legal ones) that allow me to recognize what I have to be thankful for!!!!!

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Corinne said...

Hey you! I miss you. Yeah, lets go out some time, whenever. You know, just because we can. You gotta love it. I am definitely thankful to have you as my friend. XOXO