Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Working at my Art

SO many things going on in my world!!!

Well, lets start with some new info over to the right ------->

I have some craft shows coming up this month and next month. I will have a booth with Goldie Knits so come out and see us! For those of you wanting one of my DPN Holders, this will be the first opportunity to purchase one! I will have pictures up of the options later this week. Custom knitting bags and organizers. Since Most of these are one of a kind, I won't have pictures up - you will just have to come out and see them. And, of course there will be socks - mostly baby socks but there will be a few for us big babies too.

Also, I am officially starting to do finishing work. For those of you who have a few projects stashed that are 90% done and you just don't want to bother blocking and seaming, don't ever get those zippers right, or just got bored half way through a project and don't see yourself finishing the project if you have to do it - send it my way! I have to send a great big "THANK YOU" to Corinne at Crafty Loca for such kind words today on her blog. She gave me the opportunity to work with one of my favorite yarns (Manos) and trusted me with the beautiful pieces that she knit for her man. I am so glad you are happy with the results!!

There is also a 'Disclaimer' over there. As cat allergies seem to run rampant here in California, I must throw out it out there. The "real bosses" here at Neurotic Needles are Hanz and Franz. While they are short haired and very well groomed, but they are still cats (sorry guys!). Brush and vacuum as I may, the hair is EVERYWHERE. While I will make every attempt to keep your item from becoming some sort of feline-angora, you may find a stray hair or two. Consider them blessings - their way of saying "Thank you for contributing to our next kitty platform".


Anonymous said...

Best of Luck to you and Deb! Hope I can make it over to your stuff... otherwise I'll be knock at the door. Miss you!

Corinne said...

Excellent!! I will be out there to see you and root for you and to check out your bags!! See you soon :)

Karla said...

I like the changes to your blog. Good luck with the shop and booths.