Tuesday, September 4, 2007


For those of you that are in San Diego, I need not say more. I know that to the rest of the country, we sound like a bunch of whiners. When I moved here 12 years ago from the East coast, I was so won over by the weather that I never left - I gave up the seasons for the mild summers. I am now questioning my decision. Now, I love the cold. I love the rain. I am just a big baby when it comes to humidity (just ask anyone who knew me in Florida). NORMALLY we have 3 weeks of humidity in July - so far we have had almost 2 months of it. Now we are starting to enter the Santa Ana season (dry, hot wind from the desert) - at least I'll be able to breath while I am melting.
So what do I do when it is hot? You guessed it - I knit! If I am going to be miserable, I am at least going to shirk my household duties and do what I love. I managed to finish a few of my many projects-in-waiting.

A gal from my knit group shares the same birthday as myself. I threw these together after buying a different yarn for her. While I liked the yarn I purchase for her, but she doesn't wear socks very often (even though she is a sock knitter) and chases 2 teen boys. Because of this, I figured that a washable sock may be more appropriate and maybe used more - who has time to hand wash when you are chasing kids regardless of age?!
Toe Up Ankle Socks by Rachael Calado
in Knit Picks Dancing (clearance yarn)
41% Cotton, 39% Wool, 13% Nylon, 7% Elastic on US #0 DPNs
This project is something I have been wanting to do for a while for several reasons...
First of all, they are just very feminine yet so simple. The beauty of making my own clothes is that I can make the delicate and feminine clothes in my zoftig sizes. Also, I went salsa dancing a few weeks back and found myself dancing with all of the men under 5'5". I took my heels off 2 dances in so they weren't looking straight at my twins the whole time. I figure a pair of these in a flesh tone could be just what I need. I'll let you know how it works.
Mohair Ballet Slippers by Beverly Galeskas
in Ella Rae Classic 100% Wool for the upper as well as the inner sole and Patons Classic Merino 100% Wool for the outer sole.
I made the womens' size large following the pattern exactly except for the final bind off - of course my skis just barely fit. When I make these again (yes, I was that happy with them) I will make them a size larger.
This last project is a little on the random side. When I was first starting to knit I was given 2 balls of bright pink fuzzy stuff. While they are completely not my color, I really have a strange facination with it. I found a hat pattern that I could use and incorporate another color into it to tone the pink fuzzy down. It probably would have worked out great if I had bothered to swatch or really pay attention to the pattern. Instead, I had an interesting thing happen to me. For the first time since I have started crafting (we are taking in-utero) I just played with my medium and let it go where it wanted to. Now I doubt I would have gone in THIS direction intentionally, but I have to say that it was a really nice change to just give the control up to the fiber.
Well, back to knitting. I have a few more in process but no pictures yet. More very soon - particularly if this heat keeps up as I will be hiding in the A/C with my knitting.

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Corinne said...

Just wanted to say HI!! You make gorgeous socks. I can't wait for my socks to look like that. See you Saturday :)
PS: I'm melting, too, but like you, I happily keep on knitting in the A/C!!!!