Monday, September 10, 2007

Function and (New) Fiber

Well, as I have mentioned before, I have skis for feet - really long, really thin. While I imagine that if the rest of my body was as long and thin I might might not be so whiny, having skinny feet makes it a bit difficult to find shoes that fit. Usually when I get the length large enough, they flop back and forth side to side. This can cause serious problems when you are wearing slides and live on the 3rd floor. They say 'necessity breeds invention' and this is my version.
Sandal Socks in Lion Brand Micro Spun
Knit on US#5 DPNs

The mini sock fills the space between foot and shoe thus tightening the shoes.
Since they are so short, just covering the ball of each foot, they completely hide under my slides. (and keep me from falling up the stairs) It is the simple things that keep me happy.

Also this week there was a small lapse in my yarn diet. I had a request from my daughter for yellow socks. Do you know hard it is to find washable yellow sock yarn?! After searching several online stores and making several purchases, I decided it might be safer to go into a local yarn shop (well, it would at least take me longer to spend my paycheck!) So off to Needlecraft Cottage I went since they have a decent selection of sock yarns. Well, they like everyone else didn't have your stereotypical sock yard in yellow, however, what they did have I can't wait to try out. Panda Cotton is 55% Bamboo, 24% Cotton and 21% Elastic Nylon (this color is Vanilla Cream and is a pale yellow and pale orange variegate) . Machine Washable, cool for feet in a warm climate and most importantly YELLOW. It is really soft and though the ball is teeny-tiny, it is 170 yards and she said she got a knee high sock out of 1 ball with a lot left over. Since I am making little short socks, I may be able to squeeze 2 pair out of the 2 balls I purchased - AND at a very good price I might add... SO good in fact that I took the opportunity to purchase the other yarn shown: Maizy 82% Corn Fiber, 18% Elastic Nylon for some socks for me. Hey, anything to stay cool in this heat!

By the way, the other yarn in the picture above is a hand painted merino by Artyarns. Off to knit socks for my girl.

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