Friday, August 17, 2007

Success is...

A few weekends ago a few of us went on a "mini yarn crawl". We had such a great time with the organized trip the weekend before (all 20(?) of us) that we thought just 3 of us would be a great manageable spur of the moment thing. A fabric store (where we saw another Fiber Therapy member who had a similar idea), a Michael's and a yarn store later, we were in full tilt knitting mode when we were sitting down to lunch. We started talking about my up coming DPN Primer class and GeorgeAnne, in her normal way of talking me into things, has me (in the middle of a restaurant, mind you) pull out the extra yarn and needles I always have in my bag and I am doing a mini-tutorial on the cast on I will be teaching. (By the way, how did you seasoned knitters like that?) A few days later she emails me that the cast on worked great but now, half way into the sock she has started (!!!!) she is stuck. During the trip over after work, I found that it was the pattern, not her, that didn't make sense. So I scanned the pattern, put "The Lisa Spin" on it and after a fabulous dinner (Thank you again, GA) I was leaving her to her knitting. I was just thrilled that she was knitting.
Later in the (very busy) week, we had our DPN Primer - all of you ladies did WONDERFULLY!! Make sure you bring your hats next Saturday!! I have to admit, I was a little disappointed to see GA CROCHETING!!! with the other crocheters not taking the class. What didn't I express completely that she didn't just fall in LOVE with knitting socks?! Did I fail my friend? And, if I wasn't able to light the fire for her, how did I hope to extend my passion to the others in my DPN class? Would they save the DPNs only for this winters kindling? - the yarn to be pulled out and crocheted into wash cloths? Would I then see them at meet ups and find they have decided to "go back to the dark side" too? (Yes, I mean crochet)
Well, today on my visit to GA's blog Hook and Needles she redeemed me and made me feel as successful as will ever need to feel... I quote (re: her almost finished and very comfy looking, yet 80's inspired sock - and YES, WE WERE COOL), "I can see the addiction to these little things." If I achieve nothing more, I HAVE SUCCEEDED.

Knitting has been a savior to me. It has warmed me - literally and in a "warm fuzzy" emotional way. It has inspired me. It has given me a way to release and enhance my calm. It has introduced me to a wide array of WONDERFUL women (and one man - I'm not forgetting you - even if you missed my class!). With all of the beautiful things that have come to me through this passion, how could I not want to share it with everyone - especially those I care about?
It isn't about the one sock or the one hat. It is about the personal growth and rewarding experience of making that one sock (OK, maybe you should aim for two) or that one hat. It is the process. It is about creating something with love - even if it is for yourself! You need to give yourself love too! (Just don't forget I like dark colors!) It is about having passion and sharing it - if I have done that, I have been a success. Thank you GeorgeAnne.


Anonymous said...

Your welcome ... and thank you .. for being more than just someone to enjoy knitting with!

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Loved reading this post. It is so rewarding to pass on the love of knitting!m