Saturday, August 11, 2007

Socks and the Long Awaited Hat Pattern

It has been a busy, busy week here and not a lot of knitting has happened. I will say that my new knitting friends (one in particular - you know who you are) have really been a huge support and I can see that I am not just making knitting buddies here but real friends. Thank you to ALL.

I did have a few moments to meet up for coffee and finish up these
Toe Up Anklet Socks by Rachel Calado for a Size 6 shoe

I used Knit Picks Dancing (it was a clearance yarn so it may not be available anymore) 41% Cotton, 39% Wool, 13% Nylon, 7% Elastic on US #00 (instead of US #1). I also adjusted the width as they appeared a bit wide for an 11 year old foot.

Despite the teeny needles (I actually LIKE the smaller needles better anyway) and having to get used to the enormous amount of stretch in the yarn, I LOVED working with the yarn and pattern. I can't wait to make a pair in a "real" size. I also started a pair of baby socks made out of the same yarn. I finished the first and all but the toe (cuff down) on the second and ran out of yarn. HOPEFULLY I will be able to get more.

I also have FINALLY posted the info regarding my hat class .
- Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Since this is an original pattern, I needed to get a couple of pictures to post and I finally got a good one (well, my favorite is the one on the last post). If you need more information on this class, you can find it on our MeetUp Site.

Off to knit birthday socks. I hope your weekend is as relaxing as mine is turning out. If it isn't maybe you should be in our knitting group. More soon.

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Raeknits!_and_spins said...

Wow! I'm so glad you liked my sock pattern, they came out great! ~Rachel