Saturday, July 14, 2007

A word on swatching...

Ok, so we ALL know the importance of swatching. And, truth be told I usually make a feable attempt - I don't wash and dry and block and do the hoky - poky and turn myself around - but I at least knit a 4" x 2" rectangle and make sure I am close.....
THIS, is not close. THIS is what happens when you decide to change needle size and cast on in a rage. THIS is what happens when you take your frustrations on your knitting so you aren't arrested for what you would like to do. THIS is what happens when after a very tense night of (productive) knitting you are so in love with the yarn you are using that you don't even notice that the shawl (yes folks, this is a shawl) you are working on would fit around the EARTH!
All I can say is that I am really glad that I LOVE this yarn. I have rrriiippppped, re-cast on and will finish this weekend. More (human sized) pics to come soon.
I also whipped up this...

This is Vine Lace Baby Hat from Knitting Daily

by Sandi Wisehart

I used Mandarin Petit 100% Egyptian Cotton on US #3

This was a very quick and fun knit. Yes, I know this is REALLY not my color (or size) but is am hoping I can find a cold head that will enjoy the color as much as I enjoyed making it. Also, it uses almost no yarn - I can probably get 2-3 more tiny hats out of this skein.

Well, off to finish up that shawl (again). I'll leave you with a picture of my boys at Presidio Park. --Go figure I bring them outside and all they want to do is cuddle. - But look at the smile on Franz's face! (Franz is the cute one on the left.)

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