Saturday, July 28, 2007

A(nother) word on gauge...

... a s-m-a-l-l word...

So, the lesson learned here is that sometimes 2" just isn't enough.

(Ok ladies, minds out of the gutter!!)

Since I hate swatching, if there isn't a way to incorporate a swatch into the beginning of my project (i.e. I can knit 20 or so rows of the pattern width in an hour or so), I will only swatch 2" x 2" - that is usually enough given my typical yarn and needle sizes. This picture though, is obviously a good example of 1/2 the reason why sometimes 2" just isn't enough. Truth is the larger the swatch, the better your chances of measuring accurately.

Another important thing when swatching is to actually take the measurement it measures. If you don't like what the tape measure says, stretching or squishing the swatch to make it measure what you want it to DOES NOT COUNT. (THAT would be the other reason 1/2 of the reason why this attempt doesn't fit EITHER.)

SO, I guess I will be making this again - at least I like the pattern.

In response to requests, I will be teaching a sock class at our September evening San Diego Fiber Therapy group. While planning this, it ocured to me that with so many crocheters, I am not sure how much experience we all have with DPNs. SO, that being said, I decided to do a DPN primer class in August to make sure what I am teaching in September is not too much of a learning curve - the group is supposed to be fun not frustrating. It will teach the basics... handling DPNs, knitting in the round, ribbing in the round, and decreases. I will also offer an alternate 1" x 1" rib cast on for those who feel up to it. Here is a picture of the hat we will be working on:

. . . please excuse the morning picture. . .

of course, the model is pretty damn cute though, isn't he?

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