Friday, May 25, 2007

A Productive Night

Well, I am finally making some progress in my lengthy list of projects, UFOs and the endless pursuit to organize my creative outlets. Much like my eating habits, my eyes are MUCH bigger than what is good for me and I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew, sometimes quite literally. I could be stranded on a desert island with the contents of my craft room and be content for years - by the way, that is on my Christmas List!

My co-worker's daughter has a birthday coming up and she asked me if I could make her some socks. I, being the plain Jane I am (and having no use for them for myself), had just the perfect socks to make for someone who can pull off pretty.

These are Twinkle Toes by Cookie A.
(there is a free pattern here: DIY Network
I used Yarn Botanika in Peach Spice
(again in a color I could never pull off)
Superwash Merino & Tencel in a fingering weight on US size 2
It took approx. 176 yds. for a size 8 1/2 foot.
I squeezed my skis into them to get these pictures and I am sure glad I did - I would have hated not having a picture of these.
I also pulled this together pretty quick. As per the plan's claims, "if you start it today, you can use it tomorrow. It only took about 4 hours to knit, felt and block.

Amanda's Squatty Sidekick by Amanda Berka sent through Knitting Daily
I used Paton's Classic Wool in Chestnut Brown and Moda-Dea Gleam in Jasper
It was knit on US10 1/2 circulars which was like knitting on tree trunks. I am glad to be moving on to some smaller needles.

I also have been updating my knitting journal like a good girl, with pictures, yarn samples, details, changes and all. I have purchased a few clear containers for projects so "Hanz the Chewer" can't eat my progress. They double as a teaser toy for him... he can see the yarn so it keeps him busy trying to get at it. If he is busy at that then he is not trying to help me take pictures.

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