Thursday, May 17, 2007

Finishing up old projects

I have a tendency to get projects 90-95% done and then just STOP. Either in my head it is done and I run out of steam or worse I RUN OUT OF MATERIALS!!!!!
That is what happened with this...
The After Dark Nightie from Mason-Dixon Knitting
(the T-shirt is because no one wants to see that much of my skin... thus the "after dark" part of the title) I didn't do as much open work on the top lace work so that the neon reflection from my pasty-ness wouldn't keep me awake at night.
I used the recommended yarn:
Euroflax Linen in Sandalwood The pattern called for 4 hanks, I bought 5 and ran out while binding off (in December - HEY! I don't judge YOU!) I finally got around to ordering more and since I now had 99 yards left over, I decided to knit straps - just 4 stitches in garter stitch until I got the length I wanted. I didn't need fancy adjustable ones... no one else will be wearing it but me. Also, I didn't feel too concerned about them stretching out since sleepwear is usually worn while you are horizontal thus taking the gravity affect away (if only we could apply that 24/7!)
I now have 99 yards left over which I will probably use for:
The Basic Bra from Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael (who I LOVE!!! - I have another 95% done project from her in my "To Do" pile) I purchased the book during a "little" book spree - call it productive PMS shopping - and have a deal with myself that since I want to make most of the book that I won't start ANY of the patterns until I have caught up on my finish work. Maybe by that time I will be the same size of the models in the book - "Bra shown measures 34B. Panties shown measure 23" - or maybe I can't just make that size and wear it on my lower legs! Bitch! - OH wait! my lower legs are BIGGER than that! Bitch! Doesn't anyone FEED these women?! AND, how is it that we still have women this size? They CAN'T POSSIBLY reproduce with hips that size! Doesn't evolution weed anorexia out? OK, maybe not - but do we have to flaunt it? How many knitters (who are usually mothers) actually look like that? Show us the 38D women with the saggy boobs (DAMN THAT GRAVITY!) from breast feeding and bras that actually hold us up Show us the women with child bearing hips! I think I was born with hips wider than 23"!
...Funny story... My name was supposed to be Francesca Maria but my mother - always looking out for me - looked at me, just a few minutes old and decides that with a butt the size of mine (yes, at only a few minutes old) they would surely call me 'Fanny' and so to save me years of torment, she went with Plan B - THANK GOD! Thank you Mom!

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