Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yarn for Lisa

So my friends went to Napa for their anniversary and somehow I ended up with a gift upon their return. I was surprised with a gift of the best kind of gift a knitter could get... beautiful sock yarn. (Remind me to encourage more travel!!) Rich, deep, jewel tones in a lush superwash. I couldn't get home fast enough to cast on! Of course, wouldn't you figure, with all the needles I have I am using the pair I need. Nothing like beautiful, new yarn to put a fire under your butt to get a project done!

These footies are my own pattern made with Capelli by Mango Moon in Bluebell. I originally bought this yarn because it was inexpensive and the stretch sparked my curiosity. And, I have to admit that the fact that the profits go to helping people in Nepal and Indonesia also pushed the sale. But, after squeezing out 4 whole summer weight footies (I could have doubled the yarn up and made 2 regular weight) out of the 350 yds (30 g) for $3.95 - I did have to go back and get some more hanks for gifts. (I am keeping the superwash for myself!!!!!)

I also found a new Salvation Army that had yet to be cleared of it's sweaters - I of course had to help them out with that. Nothing but acrylic left there! So washing sweaters is what I did this weekend (in between knitting sock rows). I am cutting myself off from yarn shopping for the time being, but I think I should be set for a while. I can't imagine knitting even half of what I have in the next month or two so putting my head down and knit is what I will do. More when the carpal tunnel kicks in!

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