Friday, April 27, 2007

FINALLY a finished project!

Well, like I said, I couldn't wait to cast on those socks. I have been holding on to this pattern from because it is a down-to-Earth, every day pattern. There is enough pattern to not be plain and not so plain that I might as well have just bought them.

Thuja Socks by Bobby Ziegler
Free pattern from
Chasing Rainbows Kona Superwash 100% Merino Wool
22 sts/36 rows = 4" on US #3
I only used approx. 150 yds (so I still have 120 yds left!!!)

I never realized why it is that some people just knit socks. Why just sock? Why not just hats? I mean, some people just knit scarves - because thats all they know so far. Some just knit shawls, ok, I get it, they like doing lace work. But socks??? It can't be just for the instant satisfaction because in the amount of time you finish the first one, you could have a whole hat knit up.

So why socks?? I'll tell you why, but you won't get it until you put a pair ON. I think theere is some kind of non-plastic "shink wrap" in the sock yarn because you put them on and they just mould to your feet like a second skin... a really cozy, warm, soft skin.

I am officially a sock knitter.

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