Friday, April 20, 2007

BAD Blogger!

SO I have COMPLETELY neglected by blogging duties - not that I have had much to show. I HAVE finished 1 project... a small birthday gift for a new knitting friend.

New knitters always need something to carry their accessories that they will inevitably collect. Of course, I had to throw in a few it get him started. Just in case you are wondering... yes, that is a letter opener. Why? you ask? Well, everyone has them and they can be brought on a plane AND, given the size of the cutting opening, they are PERFECT for cutting any size yarn you might be using. The yarn was some scrumptious Prism yarn that I picked up from my favorite "not-so-LYS" - 50% Wool, 42% Rayon and 8% Nylon - enough wool to felt but also so shiny texture throughout. The color was called "Storm" and in the store it was MUCH darker and BLUE - go figure I finally met a guy that knits and I knit him something purple. He loved it anyway, the sweetheart, but the lesson I learned was that I need to start asking for more help choosing colors!! No wonder all my store bought clothes are black, white and brown!!

Unfortunately I haven't finished much else. I have been busy, busy designing and organizing the studio. I feel a productive day coming on but I think Mother Nature has lost track of time because the sky is still falling outside so the pictures may need to wait until the weekend. (for you non-San Diegans, it is raining - something that is rare in any month other than January, February, and on the rare occasion, March. Never in April. The people here look a bit like chickens in a coop if you threw their feed up into the air. - What to do! What to do!!) SO, pictures coming soon - weather permitting.

Enjoy your weekend!

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