Friday, April 27, 2007

FINALLY a finished project!

Well, like I said, I couldn't wait to cast on those socks. I have been holding on to this pattern from because it is a down-to-Earth, every day pattern. There is enough pattern to not be plain and not so plain that I might as well have just bought them.

Thuja Socks by Bobby Ziegler
Free pattern from
Chasing Rainbows Kona Superwash 100% Merino Wool
22 sts/36 rows = 4" on US #3
I only used approx. 150 yds (so I still have 120 yds left!!!)

I never realized why it is that some people just knit socks. Why just sock? Why not just hats? I mean, some people just knit scarves - because thats all they know so far. Some just knit shawls, ok, I get it, they like doing lace work. But socks??? It can't be just for the instant satisfaction because in the amount of time you finish the first one, you could have a whole hat knit up.

So why socks?? I'll tell you why, but you won't get it until you put a pair ON. I think theere is some kind of non-plastic "shink wrap" in the sock yarn because you put them on and they just mould to your feet like a second skin... a really cozy, warm, soft skin.

I am officially a sock knitter.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yarn for Lisa

So my friends went to Napa for their anniversary and somehow I ended up with a gift upon their return. I was surprised with a gift of the best kind of gift a knitter could get... beautiful sock yarn. (Remind me to encourage more travel!!) Rich, deep, jewel tones in a lush superwash. I couldn't get home fast enough to cast on! Of course, wouldn't you figure, with all the needles I have I am using the pair I need. Nothing like beautiful, new yarn to put a fire under your butt to get a project done!

These footies are my own pattern made with Capelli by Mango Moon in Bluebell. I originally bought this yarn because it was inexpensive and the stretch sparked my curiosity. And, I have to admit that the fact that the profits go to helping people in Nepal and Indonesia also pushed the sale. But, after squeezing out 4 whole summer weight footies (I could have doubled the yarn up and made 2 regular weight) out of the 350 yds (30 g) for $3.95 - I did have to go back and get some more hanks for gifts. (I am keeping the superwash for myself!!!!!)

I also found a new Salvation Army that had yet to be cleared of it's sweaters - I of course had to help them out with that. Nothing but acrylic left there! So washing sweaters is what I did this weekend (in between knitting sock rows). I am cutting myself off from yarn shopping for the time being, but I think I should be set for a while. I can't imagine knitting even half of what I have in the next month or two so putting my head down and knit is what I will do. More when the carpal tunnel kicks in!

Friday, April 20, 2007

BAD Blogger!

SO I have COMPLETELY neglected by blogging duties - not that I have had much to show. I HAVE finished 1 project... a small birthday gift for a new knitting friend.

New knitters always need something to carry their accessories that they will inevitably collect. Of course, I had to throw in a few it get him started. Just in case you are wondering... yes, that is a letter opener. Why? you ask? Well, everyone has them and they can be brought on a plane AND, given the size of the cutting opening, they are PERFECT for cutting any size yarn you might be using. The yarn was some scrumptious Prism yarn that I picked up from my favorite "not-so-LYS" - 50% Wool, 42% Rayon and 8% Nylon - enough wool to felt but also so shiny texture throughout. The color was called "Storm" and in the store it was MUCH darker and BLUE - go figure I finally met a guy that knits and I knit him something purple. He loved it anyway, the sweetheart, but the lesson I learned was that I need to start asking for more help choosing colors!! No wonder all my store bought clothes are black, white and brown!!

Unfortunately I haven't finished much else. I have been busy, busy designing and organizing the studio. I feel a productive day coming on but I think Mother Nature has lost track of time because the sky is still falling outside so the pictures may need to wait until the weekend. (for you non-San Diegans, it is raining - something that is rare in any month other than January, February, and on the rare occasion, March. Never in April. The people here look a bit like chickens in a coop if you threw their feed up into the air. - What to do! What to do!!) SO, pictures coming soon - weather permitting.

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Knitting ADD

So I have no pictures - no noticeable progress on ANY of my projects. I have made a few new knitting friends over the past few weeks and they have been so motivating that I am struggling to concentrate on JUST ONE project. Fortunately since quite a few are small, I should be able to have a lot to show you next week, complete with pictures of course. The only thing I DID finish this week I can't post yet because it would ruin a surprise. I'll post pictures once the recipient receives it. I hope you all have been more productive than I. . . not that accomplishing THAT would be too terribly difficult. Have a great week! ~Lisa