Saturday, March 3, 2007

Week of Winter - San Diego Style

It has been a week of rain and "cold" (yes, the heat comes on when it goes below 60 degrees). The Boys have been very cuddly -- well, maybe they are just trying to to get my knitting -- but either way I got some great pics...

and a little playing...

and a lot of "Kitty Town Races" - I am sure the neighbors are thrilled to live under the "race track".

I did manage to get quite a few projects done in between loving on the cats. This crocheted market bag has been awaiting my attention for a long time.

It is made out of a (cheap) craft "hemp". It is all one piece and when the bag is folded into itself it is small enough to fit into my purse or into my glove compartment.
I also FINALLY finished my first and ONLY Fair Isle project.
I started this as a Christmas present for a friend that I love to frequent coffee shops with. After several starts and stops and a lot of frogging I just put it down until I finished the move. The yarn was repurposed from 2 thrift store sweaters that I unseamed and frogged. The blue is an angora/wool blend and the white is a plain wool. Since bleached wool doesn't felt as much, the white is actually raised a slight bit which was a pleasant surprise. Fortunately I am not really into using color patterns in my knitting (or anything else) because I really did not enjoy the Fair Isle process. I will stick to single colors.

Well, the sun has come out and it is time to chase the cats. Hope your week was as good as mine!

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