Monday, February 19, 2007

Presents for The Boys

Well, it has been a busy week trying to tie up the last few ends of the move. The end is in sight though and I have actually made it into my craft room. I felt that a small gesture was due to The Man for all the work that he has done to get the house together all while working. I used some of the cami jackets that he can't fit into any more (too much muscle on what used to be a skinny frame) and made these...

I still have the whole front left so I will be making some craft carrying bags. Since camis are sturdy and have so many pockets they make for great "purses" to carry all the little things you need to carry knitting or an applique square. I imagine they could be used to make a really funky but functional baby bag too (not that I have a need for that).

The Boys also got a few new treats today...
The Man felt it was time to give them a play area. I attached a ball with feathers on it to the top tier (twice) but Hanz decided that he wanted to take it with him and tease his brother. Franz obligingly chased so it is now a separate piece that they have been fighting over all morning. They also got a heavy ceramic bowl so that Hanz can't pick it up and spill it on the floor so that he can play in it. I'm sure he will still play in it but I am hoping it will minimize the swimming pool effect in the kitchen.

Over all, the boys seem to be content and occupied so maybe I can get some "Mommy Time" in MY room.

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