Friday, January 12, 2007

A Shameless Plug

So in the packing process I found a product that The Man bought and "hid" under the sink. I soaked my oven shelves (we bake bacon every morning - ugh!!) in the tub with a couple of these tablets and then wiped them down - NO SCRUBING!! REALLY! - they look brand new!!! I can't wait to have some extra time to try it on the bottom of my pans!

Off to pack some more...

Monday, January 8, 2007

Beautiful Day in the Park

When you have been cleaning and organizing for days and there is a 70 degree day in January with not a cloud in the sky, it is necessary to take it outside. The boys and I went to a local park to burn off the excess energy (with which they have been tearing the house apart). Now while they sleep, I have some unharried time to squeeze in some pictures and some knitting.

They brought along their favorite toy to stalk in the grass
(which they shared surprisingly well)

and I hid in the shade winding center pull balls of reclaimed yarn.
(tutorial coming very soon)

I got sun burnt, even in the shade, but it was worth every single minute.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


I hope that everyone survived the holidays without too much turmoil. I spent most of mine harassing the boys (see pic) and hunting for my missing wool that mysteriously crawls under the bed and into the closet. They don't really play with the wool, they just steal and hide it. And, it seems to just be wool... I wonder do they think it is another animal and then when it doesn't play back they get bored?

The other think that I have done over the holidays is decide on my 2007 goals.

  1. TAKE MORE PICTURES - part of why I wanted to start up this blog is to make sure I photo document what I am doing. Since so many of the projects I do are not for myself, I would really like to be able to have a journal of what I have created. Too many times I have said I would get pictures later and then haven't - well, blogging without pictures is not as interesting so hopefully I will have at least a couple per post.

  2. Create a system to organize my crafting. As organized as I tend to be with everything else, my craft area(S!) are a mess. Part of this is because I have never had a dedicated space big enough to accommodate my "habits". Well, at the end of the month we will be moving and "we" will have a craft room. OK, the other half of "we" may have a table and a small box for storage - to be honest, I think he will be surprised to get THAT much - he is INCREDIBLY understanding when it comes to my "habits".

  3. Hopefully, with a system in place I will be able to get more projects done in a shorter amount of time as well as allow me to expand into writing patterns and making some larger projects that I didn't have room for. I will of course share pics and patterns.

So off to start packing (yes, sadly I have to interrupt my knitting to pack).